i've been reading a lot about how to correct your vision naturally. the premise is basically that your eyes are a muscle which weaken in time as you acquiesce to their needs. the longer you wear glasses/contacts on a regular basis, the lazier your eyes get and the worse your prescription.

so... some crazy russian dude named norbekov once wrote this book about exercises you do to re-train your eye muscles. it sounds ridiculous but some of the forums and communities online make it seem really.. really possible? there are huge amounts of people who have attested to these methods.. and not all of them claim perfect vision or instant remedy, but improvement stories are all over the place.

i'm the only person in my family to need corrected vision, and i feel like it's because i've been spoiled with getting all the things my american friends have too.

i'm gonna toss my contacts. i'll wear glasses if i need to drive or see the board but i'm gonna try this crazy hippy self-remedy stuff. i'm so sick of watching my vision deteriorate every year. i'm so sick of contacts sucking the life and moisture of out my eyeballs.

i just want to wake up and see again.

so, if you see me in public and i don't respond just blame it on the glasses.

(really, this is just a great excuse to ignore everyone i know and live in my own separate bubble detached from society. VICTOLY!!)


this semester was so much fun. really, it was. i live my days knowing this is the best time of my life. and it's going by so fast. where the hell did this semester go, really? it's GONE.

at least finals are over. but with that, comes the first wave of applications to grad schools. 3 down, 5 to go.

today i start packing to move out of my apartment. i'm really devastated about this. i love my abode so, so much. it really grew on me. and now it's gonna be gone. not that i'm complaining. i'm moving next to some of my closest boone friends. and my new roommate is perry. should be.. interesting.

i've been running a lot lately. my feet are not pleased. i've gotten blisters on them in places i didn't even know was possible. good thing is, my pace has gotten pretty good. i'm down to an 8 minute mile and i'll run 2 straight through, and cool down for another 2 or 3 in a slower, steady jog. yesterday my knee sort of crapped out on me, and it's still killing me. i don't know what to do about it. i just want to keep up my running so i don't get de-motivated. i know this isn't a superhuman strength or anything, but from going from one of the most out of shape people i know to almost 5 miles a day feels, kinda good?

and now,
other things that feel good!

-clean bedsheets
-hot tea warming your insides
-finding letters from long ago
-sticking your hand out the car window for the first time in emerging spring
-peach skin
-knowing the answer in class but watching everyone else make an ass of themselves guessing
-living in boone
-receiving a genuine compliment
-a night of sleep after pulling 2 all-nights
-figuring how to play a song on the accordion
-being held

-... by someone you like..

- and who may actually like you back......

yeap. life's good.
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bloody hell

this only happens like, 2 or 3 times a year. and it has to be now!?!!

okay, whatever.

look at this lovely piece of literature someone posted on my journal. why are weird spammy things emerging in my LJ...

(no subject)

i am in a computer lab.

and someone smells delicious. or like they just ate something delicious.
either way, i want to eat this person.

so.. life. since break started. hmm. thanks giving went a little something like this:

-hi mom!
-holy shit an enormous pumpkin!
-.... more sacred feces! 6 gallons of pumpkin puree!
-i have not eaten anything without pumpkin in it for 4 days!
-family members i've never met!
-i'm in philadelphia! (cool!)
-i've been in holiday traffic for 12 hours (not cool!)
-i just got important boss to agree to write my grad school recommendations! (very cool!)
-i'm an an interview at penn and i am sweating balls and feel very small next to all these ivy leaguers! (very uncool..)
-i'm skipping class! (cool!)
-instead i'm taking the GRE and failing it! (not cool!)
-i'm completing 9 applications at once!
-i'm getting rejected by my love interest and then discovering they're not even single!
-i want something i can't really have!
-i don't care!

why is it i'm looking forward to the weekend. i know it only holds more work ahead.

ah yes..... i know...


(btw happy birthday adrianne!)


part of me wishes i won't get accepted into any grad school so i can just goof off for a year. waitressing, squatting, traveling, teaching english, anything. just to have an excuse to execute an emergency back-up plan.

in other news,
i was in love once.
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nifty weekend. here's a few excerpts:

friday i went to the sustainable farm and enjoyed the last warm day of the year. i shoveled compost for a couple hours and got to take home marc's concoction of edible weeds and wild greens. these veggies are so tasty, it is unfathomababable. one tastes like wasabi. one tastes like sweet tarts. one tastes like mint. one tastes like spinach. so nom nom. it makes a salad that doesn't need dressing or anything, it's great.

party hopping on friday occurred. it ended up just hopping in and out of one particular party, but whatevs. everyone was ridiculous and all over the place. we also rearranged these letters on the wall that say "happy birthday (someone)" to something really clever, but i was a bit tipsy at the time so i can't retell you how smart we are.

saturday was my last drawing class, and then emily took a bunch of photos of my dreads to celebrate their 5th and give some material for a school proj.

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i had a party chez moi on saturday evening, which ended up being a relocate-everyone-from-the-beastalk-show-into-my-apartment party which i'm more or less okay with. the only thing anyone would dance to was the cure but hey, not complainin', just sayin'!

no matter, i finally threw the long-awaited stale tights party.

after unknowingly buying a BULK order of footless tights off of ebay in, oh, 2002 or so; i have had 24 pairs of neon tights from the 70's where the elastic is all stale and the tights are very ill-fitting, since my sophomore year of highschool. (i know)

well, had a themed party for it, complete with men in tights (a la kristen's hot brain) playing in the background, and everyone got to wear a pair of tights, any way they could. tyler and colby made shirts out of theirs, by cutting holes in the crotch (this sounds dirty and painful. i think i'll leave it. muahah). some arm warmers circulated. arm warmers = crotch of tights floating around, so i adorned such a crotch on my head and allowed my dreadies to flow out of the leg holes. ben kevin and will wore tights like real men. alex got creative and wore two pairs, one leg through each, with the other leg of each pair over his adjacent arm.

i guess i should stop explaining this now, none of that makes sense and a visual would likely help, but with a dead cam, i'm just waitin on others for hotlinkage. (ahemahema) haha just kidding k :P

yiss. so anyway the day after, kristen ben and i went to ye olde towne hamme shoppe (pronounced: yee oldie townie hammie shoppie.)
(okay, not really, but we can make believe). i ate a delicious sandwich and discovered my conversion to veganism is strangely working. i found the texture, taste, and consistency of a slice of cheese to be completely unappetizing. weird.

worked, and pretty much had my day brightened!!!! (gush innards all over the internet sequence starts............ NOW)

eric, sule, and galen visited me at work all surprisey-like and brought me a pie to say sorry for not making to my stale tights party. i squirmed under my skin and tried to keep my cool but got paid to gobble delicious pie with three fine men anyway. i love nifty friends.

said nifty friends were at d&e's later. there was a pseudo potluck. derek, kristen, ben, henry, a girl, and kevin were also there. they made ravioli and i brought veggie squishy for all with wasabs and such. oh and henry made the most defuckinlicious butternut squash soup, sweet and spicy.

GREs are this week and i wanna die.

but annie comes to boonies on friday from gboro YAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

i may be dumb, but at least i'm not brain dead!


in case it wasn't completely obvious, i was about to shit myself in fear the whole time i was so nervous.

i also played pretty poorly until the end, but luckily for me, the guy i was up against was most likely a plant, and spent the entire time photosynthesizing the florescent lighting instead of playing the game. so it allowed me to rake in all the prizes. ah, i love nature.

it's kinda long, and there's a lot of ads, so if you don't wanna watch the whole thing, at least, please, just skip ahead to the last round and watch me WIN THE PIEDMONT FEDERAL SUPER SCRAMBLE SUPER STASH OF CASH

well so afterwards, team ME (jacob, kristen, will, derek, rio, mat, and eric) went to Boone Saloon where i spent a third of my PIEDMONT FEDERAL SUPER SCRAMBLE SUPER STASH OF CASH prize on drinks for everyone, in a jubilant celebration of guiness and tacos.